Zynga poker is a popular game based on Facebook and is responsible for boasting millions of users worldwide.

The online poker app depicts something unique for the poker players as they get the ability to earn money by buying avatars, tipping the dealer, and buying gifts like drinks and cigars for their use and for the other players.

This article helps you if you want to know how to win many chips in Zynga poker online. We do our best here to give the appropriate information to you.

Free chips from the Zynga poker online.

There are some unique ways in which the players are able to get the chips from Zynga poker online. When you begin your account, it will start with 2000 chips, that is not enough, but the good thing here is that you can get more than the 2000 chips if you leave the push notifications after logging in to your casino account.

If you make the login through the mobile phone, it will be automatic, but if you make the login through the computer system, you will get the Lucky bonus that is enough to give you the chance to win the 1 million chips.

After getting the bonus, to win the chips in the millions, it depends upon the number of a friend invited by you.

Zynga poker tips

Here we are going to give tips to the players that help them to win more and more chips in Zynga poker. Let us follow the given poker tips.

  • Never give a tip to the dealer. It is a waste of poker chips. You are wrong if you think it will improve your luck.
  • Make sure to desire the fulfill goals, and this will helps you to level up the poker rapidly by getting the free chips at every level.
  • It is suggested to make new friends, and it not only helps you to level up the online poker app but also increases the chance of the players getting bonus chips.
  • Some of the players are also there who are capable of donating the poker chips to you. So it is good to make new friends.
  • It is suggested to track the new players by buying the doughnut-type cheap gift at the poker table.
  • This will not only help you to raise the level, but you will be able to see when the new players come to the online poker app because they do not have the doughnuts like you.


This article is written on Zynga poker tips. It is suggested to follow the complete article, which will help you make a consistently winning player.

Make sure this is free poker, and many players will not play with a good strategy, so you have to maintain yourself and improve as you can.

If you learn the poker way to become profitable, then no one can stop you from becoming the master of the online poker app,