What are your favourite Poker films? God of Gamblers? 21? Rounders? Shade? What did you learn and enjoy from the Poker games in those movies?

The Best Poker Movies

Poker games are popular worldwide, as people love the excitement and intensity when few players are sitting on the table to battle with their courage, tactics and fortune. The most common Poker games such as Texas Hold’Em, Show Hand, Blackjack and Bullfight, which are played as competitions and within communities. There are several major Poker events or tournaments held internationally, including the famous World Series of Poker.

Poker games as one of the most practised activities in betting history, had also been played in several films. These movies, mostly made by Hollywood and Hong Kong filmmakers, have demonstrated the excitement and awesomeness of Poker games.

God of Gamblers (1989)

Generally acknowledged as the most successful and classical gambling movie in Chinese film history, ‘’God of Gamblers’’ had a huge influence to Asian Chinese card games culture. Starring Chow Yun-Fat and Andy Lau, the main character Ko Chun had such a stylish and imposing manner during the Poker games, which is powerful and dominant on the betting table.

Ko Chun in the film represented the outstanding and distinctive personality of a Poker player, he remained steady and calm, making quick and wise decisions, and confusing his opponents with magical tricks and tactics. His eyes are sharp and fierceful, face expressions are unpredictable, known as the Poker Face, and so charmful when he shouts the term ‘’show hand’’.

Ko Chun became the phenomenon and icon of the Poker game, while Chow built his reputation and popularity worldwide by this character, and getting lots of people to imitate and idolise him.

21 (2008)

‘’21’’ is a Hollywood film starring Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey, story about how a group of university students with great talent in mathematics, worked as a team in the Las Vegas casinos to win millions of dollars from the Blackjacks games.

Counting and memorising the cards by a group of players isn’t prohibited by casinos, but is unwelcome and could be blacklisted. When the students and their professor’s strategy had been uncovered by the casino head security, things went wrong and those characters faced their problems.

‘’21’’ was adapted from a true event and a real person named Jeff Ma, who used his brilliant calculating skills to earn a lot of fortune from Las Vegas casinos, in the end getting blacklisted.

There are many other films which featured Poker games, which described the unique personalities of Poker players. If you are amused by the Poker world inside those movies, why not turn yourself into a great Poker player as well?

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