Ever hear of the expression “the poker face”? What comes to your mind, other than the famous song by Lady Gaga?

Poker Face in Poker Game

You will be fascinated to know that the idiom ”the poker face” does come from the poker game, dated back to the late 1800s. How so? In general, poker is a game where players have a hand of cards and they bet their money based on the value of cards on their hands. Some of its famous variants would be Texas Poker Holdem, Omaha, etc. Tactically, it is wise to keep the value on each player’s hand a secret in the poker game.

If one has a strong hand and shows it on the face, other players would not call but fold the game, surrendering the pot. This will consequently cause the strong player to not win as much money as he or she hoped for. The same would go for a person being handed with a weaker hand. One can still win money by putting up a strong front, leading other players to think that he or she is holding a winning card, thus they will match or raise their bet in the flop before the final showdown. Hence, the expression poker face comes into the picture.

How to play poker online for money?

From here you will know that poker is more than just your regular card game. The psychological aspect, including the facial expressions control is crucial when it comes to winning the game. If you can’t hide your excitement, a slight twitch, irregular breathing, blinking or a shift in body gesture will betray one’s inner mind.

Therefore, as much as poker players would like to glee at the possibility of winning the game, they would still try to keep their faces inscrutable, completely blank too if they must, dropping no hint of whichever cards they are holding on to. If this is beyond your control, let us introduce you to a new form of poker—poker game online, which will allow you to play with your friends without giving yourself away!

If you were to play poker with your friends, the poker face tactic might not work so well anymore, especially when your friends do know you, inside out. Since the objective of the game is to win in a longer term, poker players will have to work hard to enhance their opponents’ betting, while maximising their own gain in each round of betting.

Poker Online with Friends

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