So you’ve mastered the basic rules of Texas Hold ‘Em and are ready to take your game to the next level. But, before you dive into online poker tournaments or start betting with your friends, there are a few things you should know first once you knew how to deal poker texas holdem.

Playing with real people as opposed to computer-generated characters doesn’t make things any more difficult; in fact, it actually makes them easier because real people make predictable mistakes that can be exploited. Now here are some tips that will help you win easily at online poker texas holdem.

Play in a Real Cash Game, Not a Tournament

Cash games are the most common way poker is played while tournaments are less common and are therefore much riskier. If you’re just learning how to deal poker texas holdem, you don’t want to be experimenting with tournaments because the variance is much higher and it’s much harder to get a feel for your win percentage.

Cash games are generally easier to win since the players usually aren’t as good as the ones in online poker texas holdem tournaments. Plus, the stakes are usually lower, which means less variance and less risk for you.

Don’t Play Too Many Hands

It’s natural to want to keep playing hands and show off your skills on how to deal poker texas holdem, but if you’re playing a bit too many hands and the other players notice, they’ll start to exploit you. You’ll get more money in the long run in online poker texas holdem if you play a few hands and win, than if you play a lot and barely win any of them.

Watch for Tells

People who are great at online poker texas holdem are still human. They make mistakes just like the rest of you and they have “tells” they can’t control. For example, when someone has a really strong hand they might run their fingers through their hair or fidget with their chips. If you spot these kinds of tells, you can use them to your advantage by betting heavily when you have a weak hand and folding when you have a strong hand.

Know What Cards You Should Fold

If you know how to deal poker texas holdem, you know that some players will keep playing a hand no matter what. They might stick with a weak hand until they run out of chips because they don’t want to “fold” and lose. If you know a hand is unlikely to win, you’ll want to fold it as soon as it’s your turn to put money into the pot. This is especially important if you’re playing against a weaker player who seems too stubborn to fold. You’ll want to wait for them to bust out before you start winning money.

Don’t Be Afraid to Bluff

Lastly, if you have a weak hand but you’re hoping to get your opponent to fold, you should try to bluff. The only way to win money from a player who never folds is to bluff. The trick is to make sure you’re bluffing when it’s likely to work. Bluffing when you have a strong hand isn’t a good idea; it’s too risky and chances are good that the other players will call you out on it. You’re better off bluffing when you have a weak hand during the game!